My First BERNINA: cheryl’s Story

I bought my Bernina 1972 .  I traded in my singer and bought my Bernina. I used my 1st pay cheque as a nurse. My husband was not to happy about my purchase .But from day one I fell in love with this machine .decided I need more instruction on sewing so went to night […]

My First BERNINA: Susan’s Story

My Bernina was purchased about 30 years ago.   When I was around 13 I wanted to learn how to sew and since no one in my family did any sewing, I had to teach myself.  Needless to say many mistakes were made.  After I became an adult and was on my own I would drool […]

My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

I bought my Bernina bernette 340 deco because I wanted a stand-alone embroidery machine that could be churning away while I continued sewing on my regular machine.

My First BERNINA: Kellie’s Story

I got my first Bernina at an auction. It is a 730 Record with a ton of feet and accessories. That was about 17 years ago, I had used it almost every day for years, it still runs like a champ. About 2 years ago I purchased a Bernina 750QE it is everything I could […]

My First BERNINA: Kathy’s Story

Serger! I started sewing in high school and got hooked.  My husband purchased my first machine for me.  It was a Singer the one with the discs.  In those years I made my own clothes and as well as curtains for our new ( new to us) 400 square foot home.  Unfortunately I stopped sewing […]

My First BERNINA: Jean’s Story

Years ago when I was a young mother, I took a Stretch & Sew course . My excellent teacher praised her Bernina sewing machine exclaiming how wonderful it is for sewing stretchy fabric. From that time on I wanted a Bernina. Many years went by, grand children came along & I started quilting. I made […]

My First BERNINA: Cathy’s Story

I bought my Bernina 830 at a small store in Kenora, Ontario in 1976. I started by sewing clothing for my new office job as well as curtains and soft furnishings for our home. A year later our first chilled was born and I sewed diapers, clothing, and toys for her and a nephew who […]

My First BERNINA: Alison’s Story

My parents gave me my first sewing machine, a Bernina Sport 801 for my 21st birthday present.  That was 32 years ago.  At the time I was at University in Cape Town, South Africa and they bought it in my home town in South Africa and drove down to Cape Town to surprise me for […]

My First BERNINA: Laura’s Story

In 1969 our family moved to Lloydminster.  The Bernina dealer was Mr. Patterson, one of my friends dad.  He sold my Mom a Bernina 707 machine and I fell in love with it immediately.  I remember him teaching us how to use it and teaching us little tricks that we could do with the stitches […]

My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

i bought my Bernini in the fall of 1978 because I wanted a reliable machine because were being transferred to Inuvik, NWT in the summer. I bought my Machine at Johnson’s Sewing Center in Edmonton. Other than routine maintenance it has not been in for repairs. I can sew tulle and then hem jeans with […]

My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

i bought my Bernini in the fall of 1978. We were being transferred to Inuvik, NWT in the summer and I wanted a good machine that would not give me trouble. I bought it at Johnson Sewing Center in Edmonton , Alberta. Other than maintenance done regularly it has not given me any problems, I […]

My First BERNINA: connie’s Story

I purchased my first Bernina Dec.1963. The dealer gave me the best deal compared with Elna,Singer and Pfaff. Only Bernina and Pfaff machine had the built in stitches then. No disks. I used it for 40 years, and sewed a lot of clothes on it for our five children, my husband and myself.I got the […]