My First BERNINA: Georgina’s Story

I got my first & only one on sale. It has been great & I made my daughters outfits. Also some for me & my grandson. Since I had a stroke I can no longer sew but wish I could.

My First BERNINA: annette’s Story

It was the year 1974. My fiance and I had become engaged and were in the early wedding planning stages. The wedding was planned for  November 1,1975. My goal was to make the dresses for several of the girls in my bridal party. Marianne, my future sister-in-law would be making her own gown and mentioned […]

My First BERNINA: Danielle’s Story

My first Bernina story has yet to occur….I was just 19 when I got a job away from home. As I was packing up my few belongings, I turned to my Mom and asked her “what will I sew with ?”. She proceeded to give me her portable antique Singer sewing machine. Over the years […]

My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

Bought in 1969 Hi, I’m a long time sewist and in 1969 was able to purchase a brand new Bernina, sewing table included. It was a complete success, I used the machine to do dressmaking while my son was small and continued to enjoy this wonderful machine for many years. It required a new motor […]

My First BERNINA: Kim’s Story

My First BERNINA: Kim’s Story

My internet failed so I’m sending this again, just in case. Sorry!   I chuckled to myself when you made suggestions about my first Bernina –  I purchased my first so many years ago, 30 +, that I have to think really hard as to the details. 🙂 I had gotten married 32 years ago […]

My First BERNINA: Kat’s Story

My First BERNINA: Kat’s Story

I taught myself to sew at the age of 6 on an ancient machine.  Being of a generation that was spared ‘helicopter’ parents,  I was left to my own devices and haltingly developed my skills as best I could on that old straight-stitch-no-reverse antique.  I learned patience and developed an attention to detail. Years later, […]

My First BERNINA: Brenda’s Story

i just couldn’t NOT enter this contest. My two very best friends in all the world have BERNINAS.  I do not. Every class I have been to they put all the owners of BERNINAS on one side of the room and the rest of us are grouped together as the anything but a BERNINAS.  I […]

My First BERNINA: Gwen’s Story

I love my Bernina’s About 25 years ago I had registered for some sewing at Bernina University just east of Toronto, Ontario. At the same time I paid to use a Bernina and was also told that if I purchased a one that this money would be deducted. My husband was not too happy, but […]

My First BERNINA: Mara’s Story

Retirement gift to myself, about 6 years ago.  I had a few chats with Wendy at The Running Stitch (now Maker Savvy) and I fell in love with my first Bernina, a gorgeous 750.  I’ve been sewing for almost 60 years, quilting for over 20 years, and this machine was the ultimate dream machine.  Just […]

My First BERNINA: Donna’s Story

I purchased my first Bernina a few years ago now.   I was making handbags and totes at the time and was looking for a machine that could accommodate this type of sewing with ease!    I was familiar with the Bernina brand but had not actually seen one in action.  I went to my […]

My First BERNINA: Gail’s Story

My first Bernina was a 1630 and it still is my favorite machine! It was purchased to celebrate the birth of my first grandchild and has been used for everything from heirloom dresses to bags to quilts. I also have two Bernina sergers but the 1630 is by far my best sewing friend!

My First BERNINA: Jillian’s Story

My mother had been sewing on a Bernina sewing machine for years before I was born and sewed most of my clothes as a child on it as well. When I was about 16 I asked her to teach me to sew (needless to say she was thrilled!) and I learned on that same machine. […]