My First BERNINA: Heather’s Story

The whir of a sewing machine was the background noise of my childhood. I first learned to sew, as a child, on an old treadle machine of my grandmother’s, then graduating to the heavy, metal machines of the 1970’s and 80’s. By the time my early teens rolled around, I decided that I was no […]

My First BERNINA: sandra’s Story

You won’t like my story as it actually begins with a Pfaff, the first machine that I purchased after finishing university.  At just over $500, it was my biggest single purchase for a very long time.  It was replaced about 5 years later when my husband bought me what was then a top of the […]

My First BERNINA: Darlene’s Story

My First BERNINA: Darlene’s Story

My mother came to Canada from England in the early 50’s and began working for Eatons Store making one of a kind children’s outfits. She purchased her first machine , a “Bernina industrial model for the home”.Being a seamstress , she made men’s suits as well as all other clothing. At Easter we all had […]

My First BERNINA: Janice’s Story

I received my first Bernina sewing machine 49 years ago. I was taking sewing in school and I really loved it. I was using my Grandmother’s old treadle machine to do my home work. My father saw my enthusiasm and talent and contacted a friend who sold all types of sewing machines A Bernina came […]

My First BERNINA: Norma’s Story

My first Bernina was very special.  It was purchased in 1980 by my Mother for her Mother, my Grandmother, for her 80th birthday.  She was so excited to receive the new machine and continued sewing for her grandchildren and great grandchildren until she passed away just shy of her 100th birthday.  I was fortunate and […]

My First BERNINA: Marie’s Story

My first Bernina was handed down from my Mom.  For years, she handcrafted our clothes.  I can relate to Dolly Parton’s “Coat of many colors” song as I feel that was our story as well.  We didn’t have a lot but looking back the clothes my Mother crafted on that Bernina were beautiful!  When I […]

My First BERNINA: Céline’s Story

Hi! I had dreamed all my adult life to own a Bernina. One day, in 1998 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in a store at the shopping center, I saw a beautiful old model 830, year 1974, on sale for $225. I drove back home, told my husband about it and he said: «And you did not buy […]

My First BERNINA: Erica’s Story

I had a Viking and it started giving me some problems and about that time  Carolyn Leatherman of Bee Creek Sewing Service was expanding her business to include a wider selection of Bernina machines and she asked if I would like to partner with her (I have a quilt shop) and have one or two […]

My First BERNINA: Cathy’s Story

I had a simple OLD sewing machine that I fought with from the time I purchased it until the time it decided to forever cease running. It was time for a new one. I researched the internet for months. Hunting through suggested references for other machines, reviews, celebrity endorsements and on and on, I came […]

My First BERNINA: Norma’s Story

my very first Bernina sewing machine was an 830, it was so awesome being able to sew without the frustration of  Having tension problems or bad stitch formation.  Plus it had some great fancy ones and a buttonhole stitch that made uniform buttonholes.   I’ve always enjoyed sewing and with the Bernina’s it’s been a […]

My First BERNINA: Marie’s Story

Dear Bernina, I was born and raised in Sweden with a dress maker to mother. My mother worked at the theatre as a dress maker and made all costumes for all shows for 45 years!  My mother was also running our local skating club and sew ALL costumes to all our carnivals as well as […]