My First BERNINA: Mary’s Story

I bought my first Bernina in 1973 from an independent dealer.  It was a 830 I think the best machine I’ve ever had, wish I still had it. Used that machine to make our 3 children’s cloths plus  my husband’s suits and mine. Once the kids decided they didn’t need my sewing any longer I […]

My First BERNINA: Lucie’s Story

Sewing and upcycling has been my passion for 45 years, even before upcycling became so popular. When I retired I joined a couple seniors sewing groups so I can create with others. This is where I became aware of the quality of Bernina machines. My retirement gift was a new Bernina 1150 serger. I enjoy […]

My First BERNINA: Denise’s Story

My First BERNINA: Denise’s Story

My start with Bernina began with my Mom’s machine.  My mom was a professional seamstress at a company that made children’s winter coats. I learned how to sew on that Bernina as a teenager.  At first, I wondered if I would ever be as skilled as my Mom, but in time, I became very proficient to the […]

My First BERNINA: Myrna’s Story

When I retired I started quilting and was interested in purchasing a machine that would meet all my current and future needs.  I chose a Bernina 790+ as I was interested in the embroidery attachment. I have not been disappointed and am amazed at what this machine can do.  I also had the opportunity to […]

My First BERNINA: Patty Anne’s Story

I bought my first Bernina, a 530 in 1975.  I had a growing family a tight budget and a desire to create (besides children).  My grandmother had taught me to sew when I was a youngster but it bored me and I never took it up.  But having children and needing some stimulation I decided […]

My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

My first Bernina was also my mother’s first Bernina, a 532-2 Record circa 1960.  Mum sewed on it for a dozen years before upgrading to a machine with the new stretch stitches so that she could sew knits for my sister and me as well as herself. She gave the older machine to my dad’s […]

My First BERNINA: Barbara’s Story

I started sewing when I was 10 years old and used an old White sewing machine that had seen better days. I went to UBC and graduated in Home Economics in 1970. I sewed all my clothes and also sewed for my mom’s friends but always wanted a good sewing machine.  In 1975 we  were […]

My First BERNINA: Cathy’s Story

I bought my first sewing machine when I first started working. I was 16. It moved with me all over Montreal and surrounding area, then traveled to Toronto and all over the surrounding areas, then traveled in a boxcar to Calgary,AB. I was 63 when I gave it away to someone who was going to […]

My First BERNINA: Barbara’s Story

My first Bernina was a Record 730, which I still own. My husband bought it for me for Christmas in 1963. I guess he was tired of me crying because I couldn’t get my Kenmore to work properly. I gave it to my daughter when I purchased a new Bernina 1230. I gave my 1230 […]

My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

In 1983, an Uncle of mine had passed away and left me 2000.00. I was a young married mother of 2 girls and had been sewing on a second had Kenmore machine. It did the trick but sounded like a tractor!! I went to Regina and I don’t remember if I seen an ad, or […]

My First BERNINA: maureen’s Story

I’ve been a sewer since i learned on my mother’s Singer treadle machine as a little girl in Northern Ireland around 1950.  It ‘lived’ in the bedroom that I shared with my older sister, in a 2 bedroom wartime house in Belfast.  The first machine that I owned was a ‘Red Box’ Bernina, which I […]

My First BERNINA: Pam’s Story

The last big gift my husband of 42 years bought me was a Bernina 440. I sew every day with the reminder that although gone, he is with me forever.