My First BERNINA: Barbara’s Story

It all started with Grade 7 domestic arts classes. Cooking and sewing were taught and I loved the sewing! Cooking was a wash until I was in my twenties but sewing has been my passion ever since.

My First BERNINA: Ruth’s Story

I was newly married  in 1973 and had an extremely limited budget, but desparately wanted a sewing machine.  I scoured the newspapers (no craig’s list then) and found a bernina for sale second hand.  I snapped it up and that sewing machine kept chugging along for 30 years.  Let’s just say I certainly got my […]

My First BERNINA: My Phuong’s Story

I’ve only ever had the chance to use a bernina once and it was with my mother’s sewing machine. She let me try it and learn how to sew on it but we had to sell the machine for financial reasons. I hope to get another bernina one day to attach to her current machine!

My First BERNINA: Leslie’s Story

My first Bernina was in 6th grade sewing class. Our whole class was outfitted with Bernina sewing machines, for their ease of use, versatility and ability to stand up to the fits and frustrations of first time sewers… And they served us well. I continued sewing classes up until my final year of high school […]

My First BERNINA: christine’s Story

I got my start with BERNINA in my home economics class in grade school. I had the choice between Singer and BERNINA and I loved the BERNINA  best of all. The machine was perfect for me, easy to use and always performed. It’s my BERNINA  that got the grade, not me! I loved it!

My First BERNINA: Krista’s Story

My first Bernina I experienced at school. It was my teachers personal machine and I had to catch up on my final project, I had been away sick with Measles, the machine was a dream compared to the classroom machines, and my mothers old singer. No crazy threading issues, smooth as silk, quiet and fabulous. […]

My First BERNINA: Phyllis’s Story

For my last birthday I bought my first Bernina, B570 QE. I bought it because it has a front loading bobbin and operates quietly. I need to get more comfortable with it but it has inspired me to try garment sewing again.

My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

I had a very old singer sewing machine which still used a shuttle and pedal power. It did not work well. Next I got an electric machine that made me curse every time I used it. Finally got my first Bernina and I could sew patterns that stayed together and no swearing.

My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

My first Bernina was a 580. I’ve been wanting one for years and finally gathered up enough money to buy one. I love the machine, it is always great to work with. It has a lovely even stitch, reliable every time. Love it.

My First BERNINA: Cathleen’s Story

My sister-in-law told me Bernina’s were great machine. I bought my first Bernina on her advice. It was an activa 145 which I still use. It is great for taking to quilting classes. I now own a larger bernina 780 which is great too but it stays at home in my sewing room.