My First BERNINA: Judy’s Story

My first Bernina, which I still have, was bought for me by my Father-who knew I loved to quilt! 20 plus years ago.  He is gone now, but I think of him often when I sew.

My First BERNINA: Penny’s Story

In junior high we were bussed to a larger community to attend classes at larger school . We had access to food science , shop class and clothing and textiles class . The sewing machines in the school were all Bernina machines. My mom had shown me how to sew already , but I really […]

My First BERNINA: Nancy’s Story

In 1979, I was at the CNE in Toronto with my friends, and I convinced them to go to the crafts and hobby building. On that day, I fell in love with the Bernina 830. It cost more than my first semester at college. I sewed on sub-standard equipment for years until my friend asked if […]

My First BERNINA: Carol’s Story

My First BERNINA: Carol’s Story

After 30 years of sewing I just bought my first BERNINA. I had heard from a fellow quilter that “nothing sews like a Bernina” for many years. It was always out of reach for me. So I saved and tucked money away until it finally happened.  In May I bought my 535 from Triangle Sewing […]

My First BERNINA: Louisa’s Story

Back in the summer of 1990 I began to realize that my basic sewing machine lacked features I needed as I took up quilting. I was travelling to visit my parents and used the trip to look for a good used Bernina along the way. No luck — it seemed that everyone who had a […]

My First BERNINA: Sharon’s Story

My first Bernina (Record 830) I bought in 1976 in Vancouver, BC with my Imperial Oil Shares that I earned while employed there.  It was the best investment I could have made.  I still have that machine and it’s desk and intend to pass it on to my granddaughter when she is older.  I now […]

My First BERNINA: Jane’s Story

At 15 I had saved enough money from babysitting to buy my own sewing machine.  My grandmother who was an amazing seamstress,  seemed delighted in my desire to learn to sew, agreed to take me shopping for my first machine. We caught the bus downtown Guelph to Triangle Sewing Centre and checked out all the […]

My First BERNINA: Laurie’s Story

I was lucky enough to purchase 2 Berninas at once when I found an ad online of someone selling a Bernina Record and a Bernina serger along with a corner sewing cabinet! I was thrilled! I used the Record for awhile until I found an updated Bernina Artista 200 online, then I sold the Record […]

My First BERNINA: Jackie’s Story

I purchased my first Bernina in 1970. I was off to university and wanted to be a Home Economics teacher so I needed a good machine for many of my classes. I had a newer machine. Mom bought an inexpensive White machine when I was 15 but it never worked properly. My aunt was neighbours […]

My First BERNINA: Tammy’s Story

I have since retired and would love to start sewing.  I don’t own a machine at all and would love to start my story with a Bernina.

My First BERNINA: Amanda’s Story

Back home in the Caribbean I would sew by hand because only professional seamstresses had sewing machines. When I moved to Canada, I went to high school in Toronto and started sewing with a sewing machine in my home economics class. I used a Bernina and it started my lifelong passion of sewing!! I would never […]