My First BERNINA: Muriel’s Story

I bought my Bernina 350 at Cozy Quilts, because of the very talented “SHAHENA”.  She can explain how to properly use the machine and answer any questions that may crop up.  The extended table and the #72 foot makes it easy to use the ruler foot with the sew steady rulers, again Shahena is awesome […]

My First BERNINA: Glenda’s Story

I’ve been sewing since I was tall enough to reach the foot pedal of my mother’s Singer treadle machine. I pumped alot of miles on that in my teens.  Just before I was married in 1978, I bought myself a fabulous Pfaff machine and it has whirred away for 40 years. Since it’s finally showing […]

My First BERNINA: Gail’s Story

My first Bernina…. I remember it well.  I was working full time in the Crown Prosecutor’s Office of the Department of the Attorney General  in the Province of Alberta, Canada.  I  took a quilting class at Quilter’s Cabin in Calgary, Alberta and was hooked on the learning experience.  Sometime later after many classes at Quilters, […]

My First BERNINA: Jane’s Story

Hi My story begins in 1977, when I bought my first sewing machine from a salesman based in Saint John , N.B. , Canada. It was a Bernina Nova 900. I was getting married in a few months and was sewing my wedding dress, attendants dresses, and going away outfits. My machine worked wonderful. I […]

My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

My wonderful husband bought me my first Bernina as a surprise 40th Birthday present, almost 25 years ago. I had just started quilting and I was delighted with it. I now also own another Bernina with the BSR, which he also gave me. I could not be happier with them and to my husband too […]

My First BERNINA: Vivian’s Story

My First BERNINA: Vivian’s Story

From a 13 yr old with a shiny new Bernina in her bedroom ( lucky me with the largest room, I had the space!) to a fabric store owner and Bernina dealer, I was fortunate to have learned on such a quality product. My mother bought a basic model from the local dealer in the […]

My First BERNINA: Jeanine’s Story

After sewing for years on singers and the last relationship with a janome I took the plunge. A week and a day ago I went in and bought my first Bernina. I needed a reliable, dependable workhorse and came home with a Bernina 530 -the sparlkly anniversary edition. 🙂 I have been enjoying the sewing […]

My First BERNINA: Bev’s Story

I purchased the Bernina 925 when my kids were small (only 20 years ago). it has been great but unfortunately I took it in to serviced for annual cleaning and something broke so am waiting for parts. I take it in my motorhome with me when we go for a few days or a few […]

My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

I love Bernina sewing machines. When I was eighteen and  going off to teachers’ training college in Eastbourne, England my parents  bought me a little Featherweight Singer sewing machine.   It was okay but only did straight stitch.  While at college my needlework tutor arranged for a demo of all the different sewing machine makes […]

My First BERNINA: Jan’s Story

My husband bought me my machine for my birthday back in 1990 ish because he wanted me to fix his tarp cover for his boat.  He figured that an expensive  machine would fit the bill. Since he knows nothing about machines he just thought if you spend lots of money that it would work perfectly. […]

My First BERNINA: Eva’s Story

My first Bernina is an 801 model purchased in 1980. I did my consumer research and with money saved from a summer job I purchased it. It proved to be a work horse for me: sewing clothing for work, starting into quilting and even sewing my wedding dress. It really shone when as a newly […]