My First BERNINA: Cheryl’s Story

I enjoy quilting and take classes regularly.  I bought my first Bernina 550 Quilters Edition approximately 7 years ago.  Since then I have sewn many quilts and projects.  I find it very easy to operate  and have had no problems with the machine during this time.  This summer I upgraded to the 770 quilters edition […]

My First BERNINA: Diane’s Story

I was visiting my son in a cold prairie town. The guys were hunting and I was the Gramma for a precious grand daughter. I hadn’t thought through what to do while the sweetheart was in school. It was about 30 below so exercise was out of the question. So I ventured to a Sewing […]

My First BERNINA: Carol’s Story

I got my first Bernina on April 3, 2015. My father bought it for me. He felt that it was time for me to upgrade from my Kenmore. He enjoyed hearing and seeing the various projects I made. He always took great pride in telling people about my great machine and all the wonderful things […]

My First BERNINA: Heather’s Story

My first sewing machine was a used on that was exactly the same as the one I learned to sew on. It was so exact in fact, that the problems I had with the one I learned on were exactly the same too. Thanks Singer. Then I upgraded to a little Janome when I was […]

My First BERNINA: Carla’s Story

It was the year 2000 and my husband had so diligently investigated the best machine for me to purchase that would take me from the simple straight stitch and zig zag machine I had in my younger years to something that would allow me to be more creative and motivated to sew. Well, during the […]

My First BERNINA: Iris’s Story

Hello four years ago I got the bernina 710 it was a lot to learn the store told me it was like driving a Ferrari for the first time you need lessons I said but I have been sewing for thirty years .well the store was right  I learned a lot I really enjoyed the […]

My First BERNINA: Ruth’s Story

Dear Bernina, Unfortunately I do not have a Bernina sewing machine. I really would Love to have a beautiful Bernina. No harm in dreaming. I really could go crazy and sew wonderful clothes and gifts for my grandsons. They are so cute as babies and would love to be able to make their upcoming Halloween […]

My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

It was June 1985 and I had been sewing blue jeans for one of our 3 boys on a slant needle Singer.  I had the night before broken a needle which snapped and nearly hit my eye. The next morning my husband calls from the front door,”Are you already to go?” My reply,”Where?” Answer, “To […]

My First BERNINA: Lorraine’s Story

My husband bought my first Bernina, 830, in 1970 and neither of us knew what a great machine it was until I sat down and sewed several layers of denim with no hesitation.  I was teaching a denim class and had a Singer and it was so frustrating to sew on that machine.  Also, me […]

My First BERNINA: Anne Marie’s Story

My first Bernina was actually my mother’s. My father decided to buy her a present, early in my teenage years (sometime in the 60’s), and I learned to sew on that machine. It had a knee controlled motor, and came equipped with many bells, whistles & special stitches. We all sewed clothes, and loved it, […]

My First BERNINA: Cheryl’s Story

My first Bernina is still alive and is my sewing partner every day. It travelled to me in Ontario from a friend in Massachusetts who was replacing it for a newer model. It all got started in a phone call with my friend. She told me about her new machine that she had bought. She […]