My First BERNINA: Vivian’s Story

From a 13 yr old with a shiny new Bernina in her bedroom ( lucky me with the largest room, I had the space!) to a fabric store owner and Bernina dealer, I was fortunate to have learned on such a quality product. My mother bought a basic model from the local dealer in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. to make curtains, mend torn knees for her four children, and somehow find time to make her own dresses. I followed the same route, making all my own clothes…with quite the envious sisters!

Still sewing, and in possesssion of not one, but four machines – I have recently gone from dresssmaking to art quilting. Bathing suits for synchro clubs, wedding gowns and prom dresses, winter coats and blue jeans….I have experienced the difference a good sewing machine makes. Now my tastes run to more artistic endeavours, and I’m loving what these machines can do.

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