My First BERNINA: Sue’s Story

My first Bernina sewing machine was give to me by my Grandparents in 1965 as a 21st birthday present.   This machine was a flat bed machine and fitted very nicely into a cabinet.   It lasted me very well, 42 years, and was only replaced in 2007.   The manager of the shop where the new machine came from, traded  my old machine in for a small amount, and when I took it across to her, the tears ran down my cheeks as I said “goodbye faithful friend”.   I loved that old Bernina machine, it had been with me for so long.   I had done lots of sewing on it.   I made my  daughter’s wedding dress and her four bridesmaid’ dresses on it and have lots of lovely memories about that special time in her and my life.   I also did lots of sewing for our church.

But now I have fallen  in love again – with my new, but not so new, Bernina  which is already 11 years old. It travelled very well across the ocean to Canada when we emigrated here from South Africa 5 years ago, and it still is very much in use.   It a very special part of our home, and now I also have a Bernina Serger to keep it company, and both of these play a great part in my life.

Thank you, Bernina.


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