My First BERNINA: sandra’s Story

You won’t like my story as it actually begins with a Pfaff, the first machine that I purchased after finishing university.  At just over $500, it was my biggest single purchase for a very long time.  It was replaced about 5 years later when my husband bought me what was then a top of the line Pfaff.  (I did mention that you won’t like my story).  But I lived in Oakville, and the closest decent place to get sewing machines serviced was the Oakville Sewing Centre, a Bernina dealer.  I brought it in year after year to be serviced there, and Linda, the owner, would often comment that while my machine was a good machine, she was going to turn me into a Bernina person.  Time passed, and as I much as I loved (and still love) my Pfaff, the reality was that the buttonholes it made always looked homemade no matter what I did, and my solution of avoiding patterns with prominent buttonholes was becoming tiresome.  At about the time I was making a corduroy coat, Linda was having a moving sale, and the stars aligned.  I went in to see her and in about 5 minutes purchased a Bernina 350.  But my story doesn’t end there.  I used the 350 only sporadically, notwithstanding my best of intentions.  I was at the Creative Festival in Toronto one year, and it was late in the day, and the floor was pretty quiet.  The people at the Bernina booth looked bored, so I stopped to chat to ask what was new, and they showed me the Bernina Stitch Regulator, and offered to let me try it.  I explained that I wasn’t in the market for a new machine, and didn’t want to waste their time, but they said they’d be happy to demonstrate it to me, and let me try it, and that if I tried it, they were certain I’d be going home with a new machine.  Well, that didn’t happen, but boy did I love that Bernina Stitch Regulator.  A few years later, in one of Linda’s newsletters, she mentioned that she had a used Bernina 460 with BSR.  I wanted it. Badly.  But I’m old enough to know the difference between want and need.  And I was starting to collect a fleet of sewing machines.  So I thought about it.  I couldn’t get to the dealership until later that afternoon, and I told myself, that if the 460 was still there, I would buy it, and then sell my 350.  It was still there.  And I bought it.  And I sold my 350 to a person who was thrilled to have it, and uses it a lot more than I ever did.  I still don’t use the Bernina for all my sewing, but it is getting used more than the 350 ever did, particularly as more and more time passes, and my go to Pfaff is getting older and older.  And I really love the BSR.  I have several quilt tops that people have been waiting patiently for, and with the BSR, they are being turned into completed quilts. And that’s my Bernina story.

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