My First BERNINA: Patty Anne’s Story

I bought my first Bernina, a 530 in 1975.  I had a growing family a tight budget and a desire to create (besides children).  My grandmother had taught me to sew when I was a youngster but it bored me and I never took it up.  But having children and needing some stimulation I decided to sew.  Luckily I remembered my grandmother’s lessons.   My first machines were simple ones, very basic.  After a time my sewing became a passion and I needed a better machine.

My husband and I  did a lot of research and found that Bernina had the highest rating.  It cost 725.00.  I bought it from Freda’s in Ottawa, Ontario.  There was also lessons included.    A lot of money  in those days.  I sewed everything on that machine, from silk blouses to snowsuits.    That 530, still working perfectly has now been passed down to my friends daughter.

In 1990, I started my own fabric business and employed a seamstress.  I bought myself a Bernina 1230, loved it so outfitted my seamstress with one as well plus a Bernina serger.  She loved it!  She had never had such a wonderful machine.

After I closed my business in 2000 My seamstress and I joined a costume making business,  I sewed all kinds of costumes made of all kinds of fabric.  My seamstress did clothing as well as dance costumes.  She is still sewing with her 1230 and her Bernina serger as she has continued to sew for people.

I am retired now but still sew though a little less.  There are grandchildren and they need hems sewn, pants adjusted etc.  My 1230,  with new gears, ( I was re-doing football shoulder pads)  is still going strong. But  I want a new Bernina as the lighting on the 1230 is not bright enough for my old eyes and I need a longer bed.

I have tried other machines, but I just love the way Bernina machines are organized.   I like the feet as I have arthritis and I can grasp them easily.  I am waiting for a good sale.

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