My First BERNINA: Marie’s Story

Dear Bernina,

I was born and raised in Sweden with a dress maker to mother. My mother worked at the theatre as a dress maker and made all costumes for all shows for 45 years!  My mother was also running our local skating club and sew ALL costumes to all our carnivals as well as our skating costumes to our precision team. She also made most of our clothes growing up….

She had a BERNINA at home as well as at work. She sew ALL the time and swore by her BERNINA. THE best machine and the only machine she would ever sew on! As a little girl, my mother taught me how to sew on her BERNINA and me and my sister were strictly told how to be careful and make sure we handled her machine with care! My mother’s BERNINA was from the 1960 and was a heavy duty steal machine. It was a solid piece of machine and I remember when I was allowed to start sewing on it on my own. I made my first pillow case… and moved on to shirts, skirts and and even some dresses for myself. I was so proud of my sewing skills… moved away from home and made all my curtains to my windows, still on my mothers machine!

Sadly my mother passed away after some illness but her sewing machine is still keeping the sewing tradition in the family. My sister who is still living in Sweden got the BERNINA and is still sewing on it along with her daughter. Third generation on the same BERNINA…. Sadly, I did not get the machine (due to the power difference from Sweden and Canada) but hope to be able to switch to a BERNINA here in Canada soon. I have a different machine now, but trust me…. it is not the same as what I was use to when using my mothers totally amazing machine! I now understand what my mother meant when she swore by her BERNINA!

WISHING for my own soon:)


Marie Jonsson MacKenzie

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