My First BERNINA: Loretta’s Story


A few years ago, I bought my first Bernina. It had been my dream for years to own a Bernina. At last, I was able to afford a Bernina 250. I used it for a while and realized I wanted to do more with my Bernina, so I bought a Bernina 350 Special Edition and a walking foot. I am happily using the 35o to create projects. What happened to my 250? Well,  I donated the Bernina 250 to a school where I was donating my time to assist a teacher with students in a sewing class. I saw that the machines the students were using where years old and needed servicing and some needed to be replaced. School Districts have limited funds to cover all the issues a school needs. (Some things have a more importance than others.)

The one Bernina I donated was a small step to provide a good working sewing machine to the school for student use.

I really like my Bernina 350 Special Edition. It is a wonderful machine. It is beautiful because of the peacock feathers that decorate the top front of the machine.

Thank you,

Loretta Deutscher

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