My First BERNINA: Linda’s Story

I love Bernina sewing machines.

When I was eighteen and  going off to teachers’ training college in Eastbourne, England my parents  bought me a little Featherweight Singer sewing machine.   It was okay but only did straight stitch.  While at college my needlework tutor arranged for a demo of all the different sewing machine makes available in Eastbourne in the early sixties.  We were allowed to try them all out for a couple of weeks.  Such fun!  That is when I fell in love with Berninas.

A few years later I met my husband and we moved to Zambia.  I still had my Singer.  While there a friend, who knew that I did a lot of sewing wanted help purchasing a sewing machine. Luckily, there just happened to be a Bernina shop in Lusaka, so of course I recommended a Bernina.  At that point my loving husband suggested I get one for myself.  I jumped at the chance and bought a Bernina Record.  What a fabulous workhorse!  I still have it and use it. I sold the Singer and the wonderful Bernina people in Lusaka changed the motor of my Record for North American electricity.

Since then I purchased one of the early computerized models .  I sold this when I retired ten years ago and now have a Bernina Artista 730.  I love it and am still  learning  about all the fabulous things that it can do, but I  have a very soft spot for my ever reliable first Bernina.

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