My First BERNINA: Kathy’s Story

My first Bernina was purchased Aug 30, 2010, on my 35th wedding anniversary – but not by me!

I had an old Kenmore sewing machine that was very basic, and did the job I needed.  But when I developed an interest in learning how to quilt, I soon realized that this machine just didn’t meet my needs anymore.  My husband would hear my cursing from my sewing room, as I tried to make the old Kenmore do things it just wasn’t built to do.  So, he paid a visit to the wonderful ladies at My Sewing Room in Calgary, where I had taken some quilting classes, and they sold him a Bernina 440QE!  He surprised me with it on our 35th anniversary.  When I went for my introduction classes, the ladies were all excited to meet the lady whose husband spoiled her with this fabulous machine.  Since then, I have made many special projects for myself and others and still love my Bernina.

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