My First BERNINA: Heather’s Story

The whir of a sewing machine was the background noise of my childhood. I first learned to sew, as a child, on an old treadle machine of my grandmother’s, then graduating to the heavy, metal machines of the 1970’s and 80’s. By the time my early teens rolled around, I decided that I was no longer interested, and didn’t touch a sewing machine again until my mid 30’s, after the birth of my second child.  I saw the value in being able to transform cloth into clothing, to create unique items to wear, and found sewing again.  I eagerly bought a used machine of my own, and took on projects of all dimensions.  However, none of the machines I could find could handle sewing through multiple layers, nor stitch as straight as the sturdier machines of my childhood. Thread jams, poor timing, and straining motors began to cause me endless frustration.  So, I took to the web and researched.  And after researching through many sleepless nights with a colicky child, I learned about Bernina.  After returning to work from my maternity leave, I began to save.  When I was finally able to afford a brand-new sewing machine, I went to a dealer and purchased my very first Bernina, a beautiful Bernina 530. No more thread jams, no more wonky stitching, and it sewed through multiple layers of denim like butter.  I have never looked back. Bernina helped me rekindle the joy I felt in sewing from my childhood.  If it’s not a Bernina, it’s not worth it.

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