My First BERNINA: Gail’s Story

My first Bernina….

I remember it well.  I was working full time in the Crown Prosecutor’s Office of the Department of the Attorney General  in the Province of Alberta, Canada.  I  took a quilting class at Quilter’s Cabin in Calgary, Alberta and was hooked on the learning experience.  Sometime later after many classes at Quilters,  I approached the owners of Quilter’s Cabin and asked them if I could start a Kids Club at their store and was welcomed with open arms.  The “kids”  ranged in age from 9 – 14 both girls and boys and they came with varied sewing skills.  It certainly was a great life experience for me and I carried those classes on for many years.  The Quilter’s Cabin was the Bernina dealership in Calgary Alberta.  I believe I was using a Kenmore machine at that time and certainly was exposed to the Bernina by way of my children’s programs.  I remember making a life changing career move and left my legal profession to join the staff of Quilter’s Cabin.  I became a sales staff in the Bernina sewing area.  At a training program put on by Bernina to educate and support sales staff on the release of the 1630, I  absolutely fell in love with my Bernina.  What a magnificent machine.   I feel confident that to the best of my knowledge the first project I did on my 1630 was probably a quilt and for certain my first Bernina accessory was the 37 foot and the quilting foot.   I still own that 1630 as well as a Bernina serger and have also recently purchased a  Bernina  Special Edition B350 .  I am proud to say that my sales position at Quilter’s Cabin led me to be the number one sales person in North America having sold more 1630’s than anyone in North America at that time.   I was recognized by Bernina Canada at one of the conferences for this accomplishment.  Albeit that was a few years ago now, it is a memory I will cherish for life.   Both my daughter, who lives in England and my daughter-in-law who lives  in British Columbia, Canada both carry the knowledge of the quality of workmanship attached to using a Bernina and also have their own machines.  Today, I am retired and still using my Berninas to make clothing for my grandchildren, quilts and now doll clothes for my daughter who is a respected doll maker in Europe.  She has, of course, achieved this level of recognition based on her outstanding skills and supported by her Bernina sewing machine.

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