My First BERNINA: Eva’s Story

My first Bernina is an 801 model purchased in 1980. I did my consumer research and with money saved from a summer job I purchased it. It proved to be a work horse for me: sewing clothing for work, starting into quilting and even sewing my wedding dress. It really shone when as a newly married woman I joined my husband at a very remote mine site in Papua New Guinea! As a Canadian I was not used to the jungle climate. The day my Bernina arrived in our container was a happy day. My Bernina sewed up lots of practical cotton outfits,  all running off a transformer. It did not miss a beat. In 38 years it has only required one major servicing as I keep it well maintained. I am now proud to say I am the owner of a Bernina 750 QE (would I buy anything else?). The 801 still faithfully has pride of place on my sewing table.

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