My First BERNINA: Elizabeth’s Story

My first Bernina was also my mother’s first Bernina, a 532-2 Record circa 1960.  Mum sewed on it for a dozen years before upgrading to a machine with the new stretch stitches so that she could sew knits for my sister and me as well as herself. She gave the older machine to my dad’s mother  who used it to produce textile artwork incorporating leather and other challenging materials. When Granny was no longer able to use it it came to me and I usually feel no need of anything fancier, I find its simple zigzag handles knits just fine (though the new automated buttonhole settings might be nice).  It’s a workhorse that would cheerfully sew through concrete given the right needle, okay, not quite, but it does walk through multiple layers of heavy denim as easily as a single layer of handkerchief linen. All it asks is the right needle for the job, regular oiling and a good cleaning every year or so.  The technicians’ eyes always light up when I bring it in, they are as fond of it as I am.

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