My First BERNINA: Cathy’s Story

I had a simple OLD sewing machine that I fought with from the time I purchased it until the time it decided to forever cease running. It was time for a new one.

I researched the internet for months. Hunting through suggested references for other machines, reviews, celebrity endorsements and on and on, I came upon Bernina.

I recalled seeing it mentioned most often as one of the best, if you could afford it. Hmmm.  I started to Google. Great reviews about the machine AND, importantly, service. There was also an authorized dealer nearby.

I visited the shop. Tiny and friendly. Viewed the different models available at the time. Discussed my needs with the Shop Owner and decided that the more simple the operation of the machine, the more use I would get out of it and if I needed other options later, I could see then what model would fit my needs. Really, all I need to do is machine stitch a straight line for seams and minor repairs.

The machines are durable and a lot of thought has gone into the designs. Heck, even the plastic dust shield cover has a large pocket to place whatever you need to store with your machine, be it fabric, instruction book, patterns, and so on.

I don’t get a chance to use it regularly at this point, but I do plan on using it to make a few gift bags for our charity drive. It will certainly get a lot more use once I finally get a chance to retire.

Love my machine!

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