My First BERNINA: Brenda’s Story

The Best of the Best

High school home economics changed my life. That was way back in 1965. In grade 9 the school I attended had Singer sewing machines in the classroom. I hated every minute that I had to use one. Thread tangled, thread broke, stitches pulled out and numerous other things added to the frustration. The next year I was at a different school.

The home economics classroom was outfitted with Bernina machines. I can’t remember the model but it was awesome. So between the summer of grade 10 and grade 11 I saved every penny I earned and bought a model 707. I still have it and it works like a charm. I remember changing out one cam that I didn’t use for one I wanted.

Dad built me a fantastic sewing/cutting table so I could sew whenever I wanted.

The first thing I made was a co-ordinating skirt and blouse. Then I often got up at 4 am to make something new to wear to school.

Now I am a Grandma and just getting back to sewing on a regular basis.  Retirement  has enabled that. Someday I hope to purchase a newer Bernina that has more bells and whistles. Until then I will enjoy old faithful.

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