My First BERNINA: Barbara’s Story

My first Bernina was a Record 730, which I still own. My husband bought it for me for Christmas in 1963. I guess he was tired of me crying because I couldn’t get my Kenmore to work properly. I gave it to my daughter when I purchased a new Bernina 1230. I gave my 1230 to my daughter in law and purchased a 1630. The 1630 needed major repairs so I sold that and bought a Bernina 350 last year. In the mean time my daughter returned my original Bernina record 730, because she acquired a newer model. I hope to give my Record to my oldest granddaughter, so it can stay in the family. I think my 730 and 1230 were my favorite of all the Bernina’s I’ve own. I also have a Bernina serger and have own a Bernina Deco 600. 


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