My First BERNINA: saida’s Story

I learn sewing for the girls to teach them skill up to now i teach 35 girls and most of them are perfect and i do this program free to help the new comers girls skill

My First BERNINA: Brenda’s Story

The Best of the Best High school home economics changed my life. That was way back in 1965. In grade 9 the school I attended had Singer sewing machines in the classroom. I hated every minute that I had to use one. Thread tangled, thread broke, stitches pulled out and numerous other things added to […]

My First BERNINA: Sue’s Story

My first Bernina sewing machine was give to me by my Grandparents in 1965 as a 21st birthday present.   This machine was a flat bed machine and fitted very nicely into a cabinet.   It lasted me very well, 42 years, and was only replaced in 2007.   The manager of the shop where […]

My First BERNINA: Brenda’s Story

My 1st Bernina (831) was purchased for $450.00 when I was in Grade 10. Yes, I am dating myself  (60 now) and it still works just as well as the day I bought it. Thru 2 years of fashion merchandising college and making my wedding dress, my spouse’s 3 piece pin striped suit and 3 […]

My First BERNINA: Kathy’s Story

My first Bernina was purchased Aug 30, 2010, on my 35th wedding anniversary – but not by me! I had an old Kenmore sewing machine that was very basic, and did the job I needed.  But when I developed an interest in learning how to quilt, I soon realized that this machine just didn’t meet […]

My First BERNINA: Edith’s Story

I purchased my first Bernina Record in 1975. I was a new Mom of a baby girl and was so thrilled to be able to sew little outfits for her. Over a 40 year span, my Bernina has created clothing for my 3 children, my husband and myself, and lots of curtains and crafts. The […]

My First BERNINA: Ruth’s Story

I bought my first Bernina in 2005.  After sewing 40 years on a Singer my parents gave me in 1963, it was magic.  I sew clothing and quilts on my machine.  I find it a joy and bought another machine in 2017.  I enjoy exploring and creating.  

My First BERNINA: marilyn’s Story

My first Bernina was purchased approx 20 years ago when I received a severance pay from former employer. Shortly after that I took my first quilting class and have enjoyed my machine ever since. This machine has never let me down and sews just like new.

My First BERNINA: Loretta’s Story

Hello. A few years ago, I bought my first Bernina. It had been my dream for years to own a Bernina. At last, I was able to afford a Bernina 250. I used it for a while and realized I wanted to do more with my Bernina, so I bought a Bernina 350 Special Edition […]

My First BERNINA: Sharon’s Story

Last year I told my husband of 37 years of marriage, I think I need a new sewing machine, after all I got my old Singer Sewing machine with Zeller’s points over 30 years ago.  He said, I know where to take you to look at new machines and off we go, I had no […]

My First BERNINA: tammy’s Story

I tried sewing and my grandmother taught me on her Bernina sewing machine but alas  those sweet memories are pictures forver etched in my mind